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What are handmade watercolour paints?

Handmade watercolours paints are waterbased paints that we make ourselves in our studio. They are either sythetic or earth pigments which are mixed with an organic binder which mainly consists of gum arabic, a natural gum.

Our paints use natural vegetarian additives and none of the pigments are diluted with chalk.
We are not vegan, since some pigments require honey in the binder.

What is the shelf life of the watercolour paints?

Our watercolours will last as long as any other brand paints. The longevity of the paints depends on how you use them.

As with all watercolours, there is no shelf life. We use a food-grade fungicide to prevent our organic additives from spoiling.

In tropical climates, the paints can soften and become moist. This is the general property of the paints themselves, as they are waterbased paints.
Our metallic paints do tend to get over faster than the other pigments, and this is due to the pigment particles being larger.

There is mold on my pans. Is this normal? What do I do?

Yes, mold is completely normal. Since the paints are water-based and can get moist in humid weather, they do ten to attract mold.
The best way to clean the pans is with a wet brush and tissue.

You can read more about it here:
A post by Margie Samuels: https://tinyurl.com/yba3k6gy

A video by Teoh Yi Chie: https://tinyurl.com/ycvseq5f

What can I do with my pans after they are empty?

If you have finished pans, they can be cleaned and used again.
You can fill them with any tube watercolours, rewettable gouache paints or any of your own custom watercolour mixes.
We highly recommend that you use the pans only for paints which can be revived with water. This means that the pans can't be used for oil or acrylic paints which tend to harden quickly.

How do I use empty half and full pans?

Empty pans of any size are perfect for storing small quantities of watercolour or rewettable gouache/poster paints. Most artists keep small quantities of paints ready to use in their studio or in small containers for outdoor sketching/travel. Pans are also perfect for storing custom mixed colours. Once the paint is filled in the pans, make sure to air dry them before putting them away in boxes and palettles. This is also a good practice to avoid mold forming on your paints. Keep exposed pans away from direct sunlight as exposure will make certain pigments fade.

How can I store my pans?

Your pans can be kept in any closeable box.
Many artists use a varierty of boxes based on thier requirements.
Some popular choices are reusing metal mint tin boxes, small wooden boxes, any portable plastic boxes.

Our pans come in the standard size, so they fit into traditional metal watercolour palettes.

Other questions

What shipping methods do we have?

We currently offer two shipping methods for domestic (within India) orders: India Post- Speed Post: this is our popular choice since the fees are affordable and the delivery time is fast. On some rare occasions, your package might end up in your nearest post-office due to various reasons. In such occaisons, you might be required to pick up the parcel in person from the post office.

Private Courier: for an additonal fee, we can send your packages via a private courier. This ensures that your packages reaches you and as fast as possible.

What happens if I don't recieve my order?

On rare occaisons, parcels sent by India Post end up at the post-office nearest to you, but not actually at your shipping address. This is because of the following reasons: - Incorrect / insufficient address - No one available to sign and recieve the parcel - Multiple failed attempts to deliver If you don't recieve your parcel, please check that the following steps have been checked:
- Track your package on the India Post website and check where it has reached - Please contact the post office it has reached, and request them to deliver it to your doorstep - On some occasions, if deliver is attempted multiple times and failed, India Post either returns the package to us or leaves it in the nearest post office to you. If it is in the post office you might have to pick it up in person, if it reaches us we will send it to you again after discussing shipping fees. Please contact us if this occurs. We have never had an instance of a parcel getting lost in the mail with India Post.
Since it is a government organisation, we can't control the mistakes/errors that do tend to happen occasionally.

What do I do if my products are damaged?

We will replace the product if they are damaged due to : - Shipping mishandling - Defect during production. This includes pans that are not fully formed and paints that have not been formed/cured. Since we make all our paints by hand, each batch can differ slightly.

Can I order bulk quantities?

Yes, we do take orders for bulk.
Empty pans are always available with us, but we will require 3-4 weeks notice for paints.

Can you sponsor our event?

We can provide your workshops and events with our paints and products.
Please send us a mail with your requirements: